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We have a wide selection of vintage (30+ years old) and antique (60+ years old)

New items added almost weekly!

For Contact information, See Business Cards attached on items in showcase.

Showcase sales will be completed thru Relics Antiques where discounts will apply on any item over $20. 

Featured: INDIGENOUS AMERICAN JEWELRY some signed or Hallmarked by Native Artisans  at a time when they began to sign their creations hoping to promote their work.

Our difference: “MAKERS Hallmarks” and artist’s STYLES disclosed when possible, are researched AND DISCUSSED online with THE HELP OF VERY informed COLLECTORS. These collectors help identify jewelry PIECES using the artist style of Workmanship, Stamped, Hallmarks, TRIBAL AFFILIATION, Picture searches and other references.  A GREAT DEAL OF INFORMATION IS OBTAINED.   Identification, Appraisal and Valuing information are done  EXCLUSIVELY BY EXAMINING DETAILED PHOTOS.

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Turquoise lovers help discover makers of Native American Art and will make suggestions of authenticity, turquoise type and quality affecting value

We appreciate their assistance