Bee Lotion Bar & Lip Balm

Available at Check-Out Counters


Simply the best solid lotion bar you will ever use. Filled with creamy shea butter, golden jojoba, and packed with natural anti-oxidants, the Bee Bar is a customer favorite for its remarkable healing properties. A serious treat for dry, damaged skin. Presented in a lovely, reusable tin in two sizes, it is handy for home and on the go. A great gift for anyone’s hard-working hands!



  • A Completely waterless lotion – which makes it extremely concentrated, lasting up to six months
  • It does not dry out or lose its fragrance – you can keep it available on a dish by your bed, desk, etc.
  • It does not come off on paper or fabric – put it on your heels at night, it won’t goop up your sheets
  • Just warm it between your hands or directly on your elbows, hands or feet. The oils and butters are then released and can be gently massaged into the skin.

Gold Tin = Vanilla – warm and comforting

Relics Antique Mall everyday discounted Price: Large: $9.99, Purse Size $6.99, Lip Butter $4.99

Available at both Relics Antique Mall locations at the check-out counters.