More to the point, why wouldn’t you choose Relics?

1. We do lots of advertising and have tons of customers.

2. We are Missouri’s Largest Antique Mall, and therefore are a growing tourist destination, as well as a very popular local favorite.

3. We have a great Tea Room.

4. We are fully air conditioned, and well lit.

5. Relics Event Center, on premise, draws tons of additional customers through weddings, receptions, meetings, shows, etc.

6. We were voted “Best Antique Shop” by 417 Magazines’ prestigious popular vote for the past 6 years in a row.

7. We have great employees.

8. We care greatly about your personal sales, and want you to do well and have fun!

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We are Missouri’s largest antique mall.

From James River Freeway, exit Kansas Expressway, Go north about 1 minute, West (left) on Battlefield to 2015 W. Battlefield at Kansas Expressway, next door to Grizzly showroom. (We are the second building west of the intersection, north side)

  • 10% commission
  • 3% for items of yours customers purchase on a bank card or check
  • 6 month lease, with full calendar month move-out notice thereafter
  • First month’s rent and a security deposit equal to your first month’s rent required upon reserving a booth.


1. Antiques Section:   Merchandise for sale needs to be at least 90% antiques and collectibles.

2. Bazaar Section: “No Antiques Necessary!”  New and used home decor and new and used furniture are welcomed in this special section. In addition, a happy mix of newer home decor and antiques and collectibles is great too.


(Depth X Length)
D  X L Price
4 X 8  $72.00
4 X 10 $81.00
6 X 8 $97.00
6 X 10 $121.00
8 X 10 $161.00
8 X 12 $193.00
10 X 12 $241.00
10 X 13 $261.00
12 X 12 $289.00
12 X 13 $313.00



Relics Antique Mall is fully air conditioned and heated, with nicely painted peg board booths, a sound system, and marble top vanities in the restrooms.

Dealer unloading assistance is available.

Lease your space now in Missouri’s Largest Antique Mall! Act fast before we are full and you have to be placed on a waiting list.

Come in today and our staff will be happy to guide you to available booths and answer any questions that you have. Join us!


Larger booths are also available.
Due to the design of our dividers, our booths lend themselves to multiple booths in a row, creating the effect of one booth, as long as you wish. We have a limited number of showcases available for $71, They are about 4 feet wide and 2 feet deep and 7 feet tall. We are not allowing showcases individual booths except for ones in direct line of sight of, and close to, the sales counter for security purposes.  The cases must open from the front.